March 09, 2024


Blyth Academy - Peru 2024

Currently in Registration-Only phase. No Payment will be taken at this stage. However, please select "Pay Deposit" and "Registration Only" will be automatically set as the sole "Payment Method". Once board approves the trip we will send instructions to pay the non-refundable deposit.
Tour Price may vary based on # of participants, see below:
Tour Price A: $5,695.00 per person based on 20 participants + 2 chaperones + Local GHT Peruvian Rep
Tour Price B: $5,595.00 per person based on 30 participants + 3 chaperones + Local GHT Peruvian Rep  
Tour Price D: $5,495.00 per person based on 40 participants + 4 chaperones + Local GHT Peruvian Rep 

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