The Complete Software Solution
for the Travel Industry

Why Clicct Solutions?


Ease of Use

A very important part of a business technology Solution is that it is user friendly and easily Understood In its functional use. The CLICCT SOLUTION has been designed to be Instinctive to use by people in the Travel Industry.


Cost Reduction

Systems like Clicct Solutions reduce the cost of operations because every update once completed automatically updates other related business areas (accounting, suppliers, flights etc) so eliminating duplicate effort "to keep all data up-to-date".



Each function in a business process is linked and integrated to other business functions. This means that as business information changes everyone can see the most up-to-date data when making a Booking or paying a supplier.


Data Integrity

The process of entering data is an area of greatest risk with mistakes but an integrated system reduces the need to enter data more than once and so lowers the risk of mistakes and increases accuracy.

Built by Tour Operators for Tour Operators

Solutions For


Booking Engine

The Clicct Solution booking engine enables you to complete each activity in the travel quoting, pricing and booking process. This engine is designed to be easy to use and improves your productivity.


Accounting System

The integrated accounting solutio automatically synchronizes and updates financial details from bookings and supplier payments. This provides an immediate view of the complete financial status of the company’s current financial situation.


Product Management

The Clicct Solution product management component is designed to easily create complex pricing and allotments structures for every component of leisure travel including tours, hotels, flights, rental cars, etc.


Profile Management

The Clicct Solution enables you to record and maintain the details of every customer booking over the past years. This customer business transparency enables you to understand the profile and history of each of your customers.


Website Content Management

The Clicct Solution can be totally integrated to your Marketing and Sales Web Site. The major advantage of this is that your travel product offerings on the web site are exactly the same as the data in the Clicct Solution.


Vendor Management

The Clicct Solution provides a very comprehensive solution to make it easy to manage business with suppliers. The solution enables you to record and maintain details of each contract.


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